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Welcome to the Selye International Institute for Advanced Studies- A new institute in the planning and design stage

  • Main affiliation: Hungarian Academy of Sciences & Semmelweis Medical Museum, Budapest, Hungary
  • Pending affiliations: Harvard University, Karolinska Institute, UCLA, University of California-Irvine, University of Vienna,  Universitas Pax et Veritas Foundation (Boston), Selye János Főiskola (Komarno, Slovakia)
  • Initiators: Drs. Árpád Somogyi (Berlin/Brussels/Budapest), Sándor Szabó (Boston/Irvine, CA), Yvette Taché (Los Angeles)   & Benedek Varga (Budapest)
  • Background: Dr. Hans Selye (1907, Vienna – 1982, Montreal) the “father of biologic stress” & discoverer of anti-inflammatory action of steroids, the “Einstein of medical research” spoke 10 languages & established and maintained a globally highly respected international research entity  (Institute of Experimental Medicine and Surgery) at the University of Montreal which flourished in part because of the establishment of “Claude Bernard Visiting Professorship” program that brought internationally known scientists, many of them Nobel Laureates, to his institute to help the postgraduate education of his master & PhD students who came from all over the world. His institute assumed the standing of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University that also included Albert Einstein, & of other similar establishments at Stanford & Harvard Universities as well as at other private & state universities in North America & Western Europe.  These institutes served mostly as educational incubators in the interaction of well-known scientists with graduate & postgraduate students who would spend variable amount of time at these establishments.
  • Goals: To provide a physical & intellectual environment (a) for the interaction  between internationally recognized biomedical scientists & graduate/postgraduate students predominantly from EU countries, without excluding participants from all over the world; (b) to stimulate creativity & originality that, contrary to earlier beliefs, can be developed & enhanced; (c) to emphasize the need of generating “new knowledge” & the continuity of research in basic sciences toward clinical, commercial & industrial applications, using “translational medicine” as a paradigm.
  • Governance: Managed by a president & executive director,  guided by a Governing Council, composed of internationally highly recognized scientists, educators & engineers as well representatives of affiliate organizations.
  • Funding: Initially, from EU & contributing countries (e.g., Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia). Subsequently, from tuition & consultation fees as well as royalties from patents & licenses.
  • Languages: English (primary), German, French, Hungarian, Slovakian & Serbo-Croatian. 

For more information-contact Dr. Sandor Szabo at: szabo.uci@gmail.com