Welcome to the Selye International         Institute for Advanced Studies

      • Concept: A new, virtual institute for high quality interaction & opportunities for cooperation, study & teach at different levels in the field of biomedical & social sciences related to the work of Dr. Hans Selye, the “father of biologic stress”.
      • Goals: To provide a stimulating intellectual & physical environment:

a)    For the interaction among internationally known scientists & graduate/postgraduate students & other professionals interested in science & education, predominantly from EU countries & with an outreach to all over the world;

b)    To stimulate creativity & originality what we believe can be developed & enhanced in any individual;

c)     To emphasize the need & value of generating “new knowledge” & the importance of research in basic sciences, resulting in clinical, commercial & industrial applications, using “translational medicine” & biosocial cooperation as a paradigm;

d)    Organize regional, but international summer & winter schools on a variety of scientifically important  topics, esp., on the understanding & correct interpretation of  biosocial stress;

e)    Emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of stress, & other topics of medical research spanning from the biochemical basis to social sciences & humanities.

          • Background: Prof. Dr. Hans Selye (1907, Vienna – 1982, Montreal) – after whom the institution is named – was the “father of biologic stress” & discoverer of anti-inflammatory action of steroids, often called the “Einstein of medical research” who nurtured his international background. Prof. Selye spoke 10 languages, established & maintained a highly respected international research institution (Institute of Experimental Medicine & Surgery) at the University of Montreal. His institute flourished in part due to the famous “Claude Bernard Visiting Professorship” program which brought internationally known scientists, many of them Nobel laureates & candidates, to enhance, enrich & stimulate the postgraduate education of his master & PhD students who came from all over the world. This form of “advanced studies” education was introduced first at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University, where Albert Einstein was a professor followed by Ivy League (e.g., Stanford & Harvard) & other universities. These institutes proved to be very effective in high quality & hands on educational activities with intensive interactions & close cooperation between students & world known scientist.
          • Initiators: Drs. Árpád Somogyi (Berlin/Brussels/Budapest), Sándor Szabó (Hungary/Boston/Irvine, CA), Yvette Taché (France/Los Angeles) & Benedek Varga (Budapest).  (Profs. Somogyi, Szabo & Tache obtained their PhD degrees at the institute of Dr. Hans Selye in Montreal, Que., Canada).
          • Governance: Managed by a president & vice-presidents, guided by a governing board, composed of internationally recognized scientists & educators.
          • Offices: The Institute maintains an office in Budapest, Hungary & Newport Beach, CA, USA.
          • Languages: English (primary), German, French, Hungarian, Croatian & Slovakian


For more information-contact Dr. Sandor Szabo at: or Dr. Arpad Somogyi at


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